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Are you worried about skin cancer?

Find out how our experienced medical team at our Melbourne Skin Cancer Clinics can help you.

We offer skin screening services and expert surgical management at our Armadale and Caulfield South clinics for any suspicious skin lesions, ensuring thorough care for your skin.

Given the significant risk of skin cancer in Australia, regular screening is extremely important. 

Our team is committed to addressing your skin cancer concerns with both precision and empathy. 

If you’re in need of a detailed risk assessment for skin cancer, a complete skin examination, or treatment for skin lesions, our specialists are here to provide the support you need for your skin health.

Book an appointment online at either our Armadale or Caulfield South clinic and start your proactive path to protect your well-being.

Our skin screenings and cancer treatment options

Our medical team’s expertise spans a broad spectrum of skin health services, and we are equipped to conduct thorough skin cancer screenings and treat a variety of skin conditions.

You can trust our team to provide exceptional care for your skin health needs.
Our clinics offer:

If your particular concern isn’t listed above or if you’re uncertain about your skin’s condition, we’re here to support and guide you.

Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Book an appointment online at either our Armadale or Caulfield South clinic to schedule a skin health consultation.

Personalised skin services for optimal outcomes

Our Melbourne doctors are committed to a patient-centred approach, leveraging our collective expertise to ensure the most effective skin cancer care.

Every patient’s journey begins with an in-depth assessment, aimed at thoroughly understanding your skin’s condition and history.

This step includes a detailed evaluation of your skin type, previous sun exposure, family history, and any current lesions, using advanced dermatoscopic techniques to closely examine your skin.

Armed with comprehensive insights, our team can accurately identify any areas of concern, leading to precise diagnoses and tailored treatment strategies. 

This approach not only targets immediate skin issues but also focuses on preventive measures and education, enhancing your skin’s long-term health.

Visit our Melbourne skin cancer clinics today

Are you ready to prioritise your skin’s health and take proactive steps against skin cancer?

Our dedicated team at Family Clinics Australia is here to support you from screening to treatment.

Book an appointment online at either our Armadale or Caulfield South clinic or call us on (03) 9509 1811 for Armadale or (03) 9967 2662 for Caulfield South today to arrange your consultation and begin your journey to healthier skin.

Skin Cancer FAQ’s

A typical skin cancer screening at our clinic involves a thorough visual inspection of your skin by one of our skilled doctors using a dermatoscope, a specialised tool that allows for a clearer and more detailed look at the skin than the naked eye can provide. The examination covers all areas of the body, including those not typically exposed to the sun. If any suspicious lesions are found, the doctor may take photographs for records and recommend a biopsy or further diagnostic tests

The frequency of skin cancer screening depends on several factors, including your skin type, family history, amount of sun exposure, and whether you have previously had skin cancer. Generally, it is recommended to have a professional skin check annually. However, if you are at higher risk due to factors like a family history of skin cancer or a personal history of frequent sunburns, more frequent screenings may be necessary.

igns and symptoms of skin cancer can vary depending on the type of skin cancer. Common signs include:

  • New growths or sores that do not heal within a few weeks.
  • Changes in the size, shape, color, or feel of a mole.
  • The appearance of a new odd-looking growth on the skin.
  • A spot that becomes itchy, tender, or painful.

Always monitor for changes and consult with our team if you notice anything unusual.

To prepare for your skin check appointment, make sure your skin is clean and free of any makeup, nail polish, or artificial tanning products. Avoid scheduling your exam immediately after a workout, as sweat can interfere with the examination. It’s helpful to have your hair washed and out of the way, and to wear simple clothing that is easy to remove for full access to your skin. Additionally, bring a list of any spots you’re concerned about to point out to the doctor.


We are a private billing clinic. However, Chronic Disease Management Plans, Team Care Arrangements and 75+ Health Assessments are bulk-billed.

Type of Visit
Private Fee
Fee Under 16s (20% discount*)
After 6pm and Saturday
Medicare Rebate
Brief Consultation
Standard Consultation
Long Consultation
Prolonged Consultation
Last updated 1 May 2023
* Under 16 discount only applies during standard hours i.e. not after 6pm and Saturdays
Note: the above is to be used as a guide only, the gap refers to the out-of-pocket cost for the consultation.

Yes. An additional $5 fee is charged for accounts not settled on the day of consultation.

Medicare rebates can be electronically claimed at the time of payment.

We require a minimum of 2 hours notice of any cancellation. This allows adequate time to allocate the appointment to another patient seeking medical care. A fee applies to non-attendance or late cancellations.

Yes. A nurse attendance fee of $80 applies except for childhood immunisations, travel immunisations, blood pressure checks, chronic disease management plans/reviews, 40-49 year old health assessments, 75+ health assessments, and health assessments for individuals with a disability.

Yes. An out-of-pocket fee applies for all repeat scripts and referrals requested without a consultation. The request will be referred to the patients’ usual doctor who will assess the request.

This service is provided in exceptional circumstances only.

Our clinic is a private billing clinic and runs by appointment only. In the event of a medical emergency, call 000 immediately.

We encourage patients to arrange an appointment to see their doctor for the follow-up of all investigations undertaken.

This allows the opportunity to discuss your progress and make changes to your treatment plan (if required).

Patients identified as requiring urgent follow-up will be contacted by staff to arrange an appointment under the direction of the treating doctor.

Patients identified as requiring non-urgent follow-up will receive an SMS alert via HotDoc to arrange an appointment to discuss these results within 1-2 weeks.

Medical advice can only be obtained by arranging an appointment with your doctor. Medical advice will not be provided through email communication.

If you’re a patient of the clinic and your doctor has requested you forward correspondence which relates to a recent consultation, speak to our administration staff to obtain the relevant email address.

You will be asked to verify your personal details i.e. your full name, DOB, address and contact number before we can provide you with this information.

This is to reduce spam and limit the possibility of the clinic receiving suspicious emails.

If you are sending information on behalf of a minor, again you will be asked to verify their personal details as outlined above.

IMPORTANT: In the subject heading of your email you must add the full name of the doctor you wish to bring this correspondence to the attention to, together with the full name and DOB of the patient.

After sending, you will receive an automated reply. Please view this as confirmation that your email has been received successfully.

Email communication will not be accepted for matters which have not been previously discussed with the doctor and/or practice nurse.

Our doctors are unable to answer telephone calls whilst they are in consultation with another patient. Our staff will ask you to inform them of the nature of your call and urgency so that we can assist you further.

If you have feedback or wish to make a complaint about the service we provide, please email us at [email protected].

If we have been unable to resolve your complaint you can contact the Health Complaints Commissioner using the following methods:

– Complete the online form here: https://hcc.vic.gov.au/make-complaint.

– Complaints can also be submitted between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday by phoning 1300 582 113 (for translation services contact TIS National on 131 450 or through the National Relay Service: https://www.infrastructure.gov.au/media-communications-arts/phone/services-people-disability/

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Our Clinics
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Armadale Train Station is a 2-minute walk away from the Clinic. Armadale Station is on the Pakenham, Cranbourne and Frankston lines.
The 605 bus stop (High St interchange) is across the street from the Clinic.
There is limited parking on High St, Kooyong Rd and in Morey St behind King’s Arcade. We suggest the free parking at 3 Williams Street, Armadale. Before 9am and after 4:30pm please be aware of the clearway restrictions on High St and Kooyong Rd.
478 Kooyong Rd, Caulfield South VIC 3162
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Gardenvale train station is 900m away
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There is ample 2 hour parking in the surrounding streets
138 Williams Rd Prahran, VIC 3181
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Weekends & Public Holidays
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The 72 tram stop at the corner of Malvern and Williams Rds is 250m away.
Hawksburn train station is 700m away.
603 bus stop is 50m away on Williams Rd 604 bus stop is 700m away.
Parking is available on Williams Rd but it is a tow-away zone from 4:30-6:30 pm Monday to Friday. Entry to the clinic is via Williams Rd only.
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